Equality and Inclusion

We are committed to tackling inequality in all its forms.

We believe there is No Grey Area for sexual harassment.

We believe that Black Lives Matter and that Trans Lives Matter.

We have already taken a number of steps to embed these principles into our work with 23 actions completed and ongoing and 8 actions planned, including establishing new salaried posts for people from historically under-represented communities and creating the Mountview Prize which celebrates trailblazers who inspire social change and whose lived experience is inspirational to others. You can watch Dawn Walton’s inaugural Mountview Prize talk HERE.

We also recognise that there is more work to be done. These are live movements that rose from people’s lived experiences and the work we must all do to tackle these inequalities is ongoing.

We are committed to ensuring all communities are welcome in our building, that we support them and we empower them to call out injustices. We are also committed to updating our communities about the work we are doing in respect to our commitment to take a proactive stand in the fight against racism, inequality and discrimination.

Our EQUALITY, DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION POLICY sets out our commitment to creating an environment where diversity is celebrated and equality of opportunity is embedded for all students and staff regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, disability, age, sexual orientation, belief or religion. Our aim is for our staff and student bodies to be truly representative of all areas of society.

We are resolute to both meet and exceed current obligations under legislation. By doing more than is required by law we will continue to build on Mountview’s current reputation and practice as a diverse and truly inclusive arts training institution.

The Black Lives Matter Movement has been a spearhead focussing attention on the need to actively challenge systemic and endemic prejudice, exploitation and intersectional oppression.

We published a Black Lives Matter Statement of Intent and Action Plan in June 2020 to enact and accelerate change.


Train and Educate

Ensure all permanent and visiting staff and students are educated about systemic and endemic racism, inequality and unconscious bias.


Actively recruit and draw upon the expertise of Black and minority communities and review how we engage students to represent and promote Mountview.


Improve Mountview’s formal and informal complaints and reporting procedures and conduct them in a culture of transparency.

Support and Connect

Establish a safe environment for students to be supported and ensure we connect all our communities.


Work as an institution with peer drama schools and cultural industry partners to tackle racism, inequality and injustice.

This statement is a commitment we have made to all underrepresented groups and to those who have experienced prejudice and discrimination.