27 Apr - 1 Jun

Adult Classes at Mountview


27 Apr - 1 Jun

Afro-Motion is an Afrobeats dance aerobics class full of energy and repetitive movement. It is a beginner-friendly class and uses dance styles from West Africa and South Africa. Afro–Motion can be known a dance fitness party providing you with some of the latest dance moves; it’s a fun and energising workout that will get your mind and body working.

Afro-Motion is created and delivered by Kwabena Benko, the Founder and Managing Director of MOVEWITHKB LTD. KB is a qualified coach, dance teacher and choreographer.

Mountview’s adult classes are designed to give you the chance to try something new right on your doorstep. Southwark residents receive a discount on all classes as part of the Southwark Presents scheme. Find out more about the full programme Afro-Motion runs alongside our young people’s programme, GENERATION N*XT, so you and your children can train at Mountview at the same time.

Booking Info


Classes begin on Saturday 27 April and run for one hour from 10.30am.

Full price six-week block booking £60
Southwark Presents six-week block booking £48
Full price drop-in (per session) £12
Southwark Presents drop-in (per session) £10

Mountview, 120 Peckham Hill Street, London SE15 5JT

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020 8881 2201
Our box office hours are currently Monday-Friday 9am-9pm and Saturday 9am-6pm. Online booking is 24 hours, but phone and in-person bookings should be made within these times. Tickets are booked subject to Mountview's terms and conditions