14 Jan - 31 Mar

Ages 18+


14 Jan - 31 Mar

From 14 Jan – 4 Feb you can try this class for FREE with our introductory taster offer.

Capoeira is a martial art originating from African slaves. Imported to Brazil and forced into labour, the slaves were allowed to practice their religious traditions and rituals. Wanting to rebel, the slaves developed a form of combat which they masked as a dance. This combat artform in time allowed the slaves to escape.

Today Capoeira is practiced in pairs within a circle of people (la roda) who can take turns to enter the circle and take part. A collection of traditional capoeira instruments complete the circle. Traditionally there is no winner or loser and the two participants take turns until the roda finishes.

Taught by Monitor Adriano Oliveira – Capoeira Sul Da Bahia, all levels are welcome to learn and practice this dynamic combat/dance/artform.

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Tue 14 Jan - 31 Mar, 7.30pm - 9.00pm

Tue 14 Jan - 4 Feb - FREE TASTERS £0.00
Tue 11 Feb - 31 Mar (Full Price) £9.75
Tue 11 Feb - 31 Mar (Southwark residents) £7.50

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