Catalyst Festival 2018: Karamel Club

31 May - 30 Jun

Catalyst Festival 2018: Karamel Club

31 May - 30 Jun

Catalyst is a dynamic season of theatre showcasing the fresh talent of 2018’s MA Theatre Directors and Creative Producers across two venues.

At the Karamel Club, the team present eight plays directed by Mountview’s Theatre Directing students, produced by Mountview’s Creative Producing students.

Thu 31 May, 7pm | Fri 1 June, 7pm | Sat 2 June, 9pm
By Ana Nogueira | Directed by Daniel Seth | Produced by Jamie Chapman Dixon

What if  repairing a broken relationship was as simple as taking a pill? When words aren’t enough, a breakthrough drug enables couples to experience exactly what their partners are feeling. First performed in New York to rave reviews, Empathitrax is a hilarious, poignant and brutally honest look at intimacy, communication and mental health.

Thu 31 May, 9pm | Fri 1 June, 9pm | Sat 2 June, 7pm
By Megan Fellows | Directed by Pollyanna Newcombe | Produced by Piers Cottee-Jones

Zara’s past makes her volunteer for a classified medical experiment born out of humanity’s inexorable search for perfection. As technological advancements blur the lines of normality, Zara fights to maintain her human instinct in this dark and tragic reality.

Thu 7 June, 7pm | Fri 8 June, 7pm | Sat 9 June, 9pm
By Joseph Skelton | Directed by Hamish Clayton | Produced by Tanya Agarwal

“I’m going to eat it. It’s the only way. Start the camera.”
Mr. Dennis is told he can’t be friends with a pupil, but will his heroic viral video attempt change this at all? Or will it change too much?

Thu 7 June, 9pm | Fri 8 June, 9pm | Sat 9 June, 7pm
By Francis Grin | Directed by Charlotte Everest | Produced by Emma Craggs

When four teenagers come together for a class project, alcohol and boredom lead to a sadistic game. But what happens when no one acknowledges the violence?

Thu 21 June, 7pm | Fri 22 June, 7pm | Sat 23 June, 9pm
By Kieran Lynn | Directed by Zhai Bowen | Produced by Christina Sturken

When a new border is drawn, a couple find themselves accidentally on opposite sides of the tape line and under the watchful eye of a newly minted border guard while the world around them descends into absurd chaos.
Oberon Books London

Thu 21 June, 9pm | Fri 22 June, 9pm | Sat 23 June, 7pm
By Charlotte Cromie | Directed by Zoe Morris | Produced by Tom Mack

Four teachers are shut in by the school’s door-locking system, put in place after students vandalised the staff room. They push to the limits what is deemed ‘professional’: how inappropriate can they be before crossing the line?

Thu 28 June, 7pm | Fri 29 June, 7pm | Sat 30 June, 9pm
By Reina Hardy | Directed by Brooke DeBettignies | Produced by Ellie Fitz-Gerald

He can fly, he can shoot lasers, he’s a super-genius billionaire…but he can’t get over the woman who tried to kill him, even though his winsome secretary is right there with coffee. A superhero office comedy for the lovelorn.

Thu 28 June, 9pm | Fri 29 June, 9pm | Sat 30 June, 7pm
By Luke Barnes | Directed by Lauren Dickson | Produced by Joanne Blunt

Three very different sisters will do anything to fit in and yet are desperate to be noticed. How far will they go when they’re swimming against the tide? A captivating, lively and poignant portrait of the pressures of being a teenager.
Copyright Luke Barnes, copyright agent: Mady Neil of 42 M Ltd, 8 Flitcroft St, London, WC2H 8DL

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31 May - 30 June

All tickets (Booking fee applies) £6

Karamel Club, 4 Coburg Road, Wood Green, London N22 6UJ

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