Catalyst Festival 2018: Theatre503

3 - 14 Jul

Catalyst Festival 2018: Theatre503

3 - 14 Jul

Catalyst is a dynamic season of theatre showcasing the fresh talent of 2018’s MA Theatre Directors and Creative Producers across two venues.

At Theatre503, the Creative Producing students take over a nationally renowned venue to present twelve solo performances.

Tue 3 July, 7pm | Fri 6 July, 7pm
By Tiannah Viechweg | Directed by Samara Gannon | Produced by Tanya Agarwal

Enter the world of the carnival, where masked figures weave the extraordinary tale of Claudia Jone, the mastermind behind Notting Hill Carnival. Blurring the lines of time, politics and race, this play celebrates the life of this extraordinary woman.

Tue 3 July, 8.30pm | Fri 6 Jul, 5.30pm
Written and Directed by Joaquin Perez Suarez | Produced by Helena Pastor

Medea, of Euripides’ ancient tragedy, is as relevant to Greek antiquity as it is today. The myth has been told throughout the centuries. She’s out of all time and from all places. Medea is a foreigner: a refugee.

Wed 4 July, 7pm | Sat 7 July, 5.30pm
Music by Henry George Page | Directed by Harriet Taylor | Produced by Olivia O’Connell

One mother. Four children. Three dads. Half siblings and weathered parents stuck together by blood tell their story through a collective voice in this piece of verbatim music theatre.

Wed 4 July, 8.30pm Fri 6 July, 8.30pm
Written and Directed by Marilena Sitaropoulou | Produced by Jo Pantazopoulou

Nature vs. nurture: How does a girl manage to keep the balance between those two, while still discovering her own identity? All it takes is a night out in order for her to find out.

Thu 5 July, 7pm | Sat 7 July, 7.30pm
By Olivia Warren | Directed by Hannah Banister | Produced by Emma Craggs

Eaten Mess is a comedy about the ‘not so funny’ world of eating disorders. Food and body image are weird and fragile things. Eaten Mess has the power to do a lot of good, and is quite a riot along the way.

Thu 5 July, 8.30pm | Sat 7 July, 7pm
By Sarah Sigal | Directed by Wiebke Green | Produced by Sandi Ballardo

Being a bridesmaid is not something you can turn down, neither are all the pressures that come along with it. Heather’s Wedding explores the struggles of being a single woman in a world that has already decided how everything is supposed to go.

Tue 10 July, 7pm | Fri 13 July, 7pm
By Emma White | Directed by Anna Marshall | Produced by Joanne Blunt

“This is the moment every woman waits for. When this is the real thing, I will be complete.”
Vicky believes her purpose in life is to be the ideal wife and mother. But can traditional perfection really make us happy?

Tue 10 July, 8.30pm | Fri 13 July, 5.30pm
By Steven Ticehurst | Directed by Kyril Buhowski | Produced by Christina Sturken

Landlady Nessa has heard and seen it all, and with the Great War raging in Europe, there’s precious little to do save regale her punters with stories of political secrets, dealings with class, and how unfit humans are for democracy.

Wed 11 July, 7pm | Sat 14 July, 7pm
By Emma Zadow | Directed by Lilac Yoisphon | Produced by Tom Mack

Add one shamefully flirtatious violinist to a blend of interfering mothers-in-law and bland husbands, sprinkle a dash of patriarchal frustration and voila, it’s the Sabbath dinner at Rochalle’s, and you’re all invited. So light the candles, salt the challah and let’s dig in!

Wed 11 July, 8.30pm | Sat 14 July, 5.30pm
By Lilly Driscoll | Directed by Rafaella Marcus | Produced by Ellie Fitz-Gerald

Come and meet the host of your new favourite cooking show. Find out how to cook the perfect steak. Get the ultimate rise. And take home the recipe for cocaine cupcakes. It is 1955… Now who wants to hear the rules of being a good housewife?

Thu 12 July, 7pm | Fri 13 July, 8.30pm
By Becky Downing | Directed by Kayla Feldman | Produced by Piers Cottee-Jones | Sound Design by Will Abell

Sustaining a career in comedy is tricky, especially if you’ve forgotten how to make people laugh. Join Bette, a young comedian, and her one-woman show featuring stand-up, poetry and one-sided conversations with her subconscious, on her journey with depression.

Thu 12 July, 8.30pm | Sat 14 July, 8.30pm
By David Hendon | Directed by Max Reynolds | Produced by Jamie Chapman Dixon

Banana, Crabtree, Simon is an Offie-nominated one-man play that follows Alan and his journey with early onset dementia. This emotional piece brings the conversation to the forefront.
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