Tae Kwon Do

17 Sep - 17 Dec

For All Ages 9+

Tae Kwon Do

17 Sep - 17 Dec

Ever wondered what you’re capable of?

Tae Kwon Do will help you to develop self-discipline, build your fitness and improve self-esteem.

Blending various Korean forms of martial arts stretching back more than 2,000 years, ‘Tae Kwon Do’ translates as ‘the way of foot and fist’. This is an action-packed class, inviting you to push yourself mentally and physically.

E.W. Tae Kwon Do was founded in the UK by Mr E. Williams (7th Dan), the chief instructor and a former British, European and Eastern Champion who has trained and been graded in Korea.

E.W. Tae Kwon Do currently has 25 black belt instructors that are still training with Master Williams and has to date trained over 2000 students.

Tuesdays, 6-7pm
All ages welcome

Saturdays, 11am-12pm,
All ages welcome

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Tuesday, 6 - 7pm
Saturday, 11am - 12pm

Per person £5

Mountview, 120 Peckham Hill Street, London SE15 5JT

To Book

To book a place in the class, or for more information please contact ewtaekwondo@hotmail.co.uk