13 - 18 Jul

Written by Sam Pout in collaboration with Rosa Higgs | Produced by Ruan Evans | Directed by Rosa Higgs


13 - 18 Jul

In a technologically governed future, Fisheye scrutinises the impact of isolation on our capacity to express emotion. Participants are invited into an AI world which brings buried memories to light in an attempt to repair a corrupted sense of self

Ruan is a creative producer who seeks to find untold stories and form constructive dialogue. He has worked in a range of creative fields; formerly a Production Assistant at OSO Arts Centre and immersive company, Colab Theatre, he is currently assistant producer for Headstrong Podcast, which opens discussion around mental health. Ruan is the co-coordinator of Casting for Catalyst, and also a member of the engagement and events team.

Rosa has previously undertaken a foundation course in Acting and Cinematography at the University of Salamanca and received her BA in English and Drama from Royal Holloway. She is fascinated by the transformative power of the arts, whether that be through time, space, culture or simply the interaction between humans.

Contains strong language, sexual content, sensitive content connected to sexual assault & rape.

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Closed performance - Tue 13 Jul, 2.30pm
Closed performance & live stream - Tue 13 Jul, 7.00pm
Catalyst on Demand - Sun 18 Jul

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Backstage Theatre, Mountview

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