Academic Partners


Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts and the University of East Anglia have been academic partners for almost 20 years with UEA providing much-valued academic support and guidance and validating Mountview’s undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses.

The partnership makes perfect sense: both UEA and Mountview enjoy world-class reputations for study of the creative arts and both place huge value on the support and personal development of each student.

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Three-Year Diploma in Professional Acting | Three-Year Diploma in Professional Musical Theatre

The national qualification in professional acting and musical theatre.

These government-recognised professional qualifications from Trinity College London give formal accreditation of the skills, knowledge and understanding that are acquired in training for employment as a professional actor or musical theatre performer. They have been devised with advice from members of the theatrical professions and are assessed by professional actors, dancers and directors appointed by Trinity.

They are recognised by QCA and are the only qualifications attached to the government’s Dance and Drama Awards scheme.

With one of these qualifications a student will be able to demonstrate that they have:

  • imaginative, expressive and technical skills as a creative artist
  • professional employment skills and knowledge of the industry
  • personal skills and qualities which will enhance their profession and personal lives
  • adequate preparation for a varied career in the performing arts and entertainment industry

Students who are studying for one of the above qualifications are eligible for a Dance and Drama Award.

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The Federation of Drama Schools was established in 2017.

We are a group of institutions that provides conservatoire style vocational training for those who want to be professional performers, theatre makers and technical theatre practitioners.

Each member of the federation offers a range of different courses and programmes. They are also individual in terms of particular ethos and approaches.

All Members adhere to principles and hallmarks that underpin their training. This is how institutions become a part of the federation. These hallmarks outline the key elements of a professional training experience and are what you should expect.

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CDMT provides quality assurance for the professional dance, drama and musical theatre industries. It is the first point of contact for those seeking information on education, training and assessment in the UK. CDET negotiates with government bodies, as well as national and international agencies on behalf of our member organisations.


  • Accredits excellent professional training at full-time dance, drama, musical theatre and performing arts schools—providing the industry benchmark of quality since 1979
  • Validates the world’s leading awarding organisations which offer performing arts qualifications
  • Works with Affiliates and Collaborative bodies to develop the highest standards of programme provision across the performing arts
  • Recognises, by means of the Recognised Awards Scheme, pre-vocational dance, drama, musical theatre and performing arts schools and teachers
  • Provides membership and other specialist services through the Conference of Professional Schools, Awarding Organisations Committee, Steering Group for the Dance and Drama Awards (DaDA), Affiliate meetings and Graded Examinations Forum
  • Negotiates with government authorities on issues of education funding, policy and regulation
  • Manages a substantial public-facing online platform which promotes members and core services, as well as administering two information websites for DaDA and Graded Examinations respectively
  • Publishes the UK Guide to professional training, education and assessment in dance, drama, musical theatre and the performing arts, which is the definitive resource for those seeking information on quality provision in the sector (sponsored by Spotlight)
  • Operates a free comprehensive information service for students, parents, teachers, artists and employers.

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The Alliance of Musical Theatre Conservatoires brings together a group of like-minded institutions who collaborate and share good practice, in order to deliver world class musical theatre education and vocational training.

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The University of East Anglia is proud to validate Mountview’s undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Mountview’s renowned vocational training in performance and production is a perfect complement to UEA’s global reputation for study in the creative arts. We place a strong emphasis on the importance of the student experience and the significant contact through teaching time and personal support that all students receive at Mountview is very much in harmony with this ethos.

Professor David Richardson, Vice-Chancellor, University of East Anglia