Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Mountview Academy hold open days throughout the year?

Mountview currently offers in-person open days in Theatre Production Arts across the year and occasional Performance open days. When available to book you can find more details here.

2. I am applying from abroad, how can I pay for my audition?

You can pay by international money order, bank transfer or by cheque, please contact for details.

3. What does the audition involve?

Details can be found on the auditions and interviews page.

4. Can I apply for more than one BA Performance course: Acting, Actor Musicianship and Musical Theatre?

Yes you can apply for one, two or all three courses; however you will be required to make a separate application for each course. You will be required to audition separately for each course applied for and there is a fee for each audition.

5. Can I apply for both the BA Performance course and the Postgraduate Performance course?

Yes, if you are eligible for both you can apply for both. Contact admissions to discuss audition dates and requirements.

6. Can I pay my fees monthly?

It is not currently possible to pay tuition fees on a monthly basis, however Mountview will review requests on an individual basis.

7. Does Mountview offer any scholarship support?

Each year we invite new and returning students to apply for scholarship support through a designed application process. Find out more on our funding and scholarships page.

8. What part of my fees will the Student Tuition Fee Loan cover?

Your tuition fee loan is paid to Mountview in three parts, 25% in October, 25% in February and 50% in May. Mountview will deduct these payments from your January and April invoices.

9. What are my accommodation options when I’m a Mountview student?

You can live in a hall-of-residence or in a house share. All of your options are found on our accommodation page.

10. Remind me where Mountview is again?

We are in Peckham, south London. Find all the details here.