The Forever Waltz

8 - 11 Jul

By Glyn Maxwell | Produced by Jonathan Pohl | Directed by Issy Paul

The Forever Waltz

8 - 11 Jul

A man finds himself in the underworld, unable to remember why he is there. With the help of a mysterious, guitar-playing guide, he finds his answer. As the boundary between the underworld and real world blurs, this take on the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice leaves us questioning how far we will go to confront the reality of our choices.

Jonathan is an emerging producer, passionate about creating space for important stories to inspire and spark discourse. He has extensive performance experience and received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre from the Boston Conservatory. He is currently working as an associate producer with the White Bear Theatre and for a production with Patch Plays. 

Issy graduated from the University of Oxford with a degree in Theology and Religion. She was a member of the RSC’s Next Generation programme and enjoys directing Shakespeare, musical theatre and adaptations. Her past work includes Spring Awakening (Oxford Playhouse), The Tempest (Worcester College Gardens) and Yesterday an Incident Occurred (Mountview).

Contains themes of death, afterlife and murder.

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Closed performance - Thu 8 Jul, 2.30pm
Closed performance & live stream - Thu 8 Jul, 7pm
Catalyst on Demand - Sun 11 July

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Backstage Theatre, Mountview

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