You Did This To Me

23 - 25 Jul

By Peter Buzzerio | Produced by Chloe Stally-Gibson | Directed by Paul Bradshaw

You Did This To Me

23 - 25 Jul

The lackluster heir to a dog-food empire cuts a deal with their largest competitor. After publicly humiliating himself and losing the deal, he soon finds himself without an inheritance and disgraced from his family. As his debts continue to mount, he scrambles to find a way to survive.

Chloe Stally-Gibson is a theatre maker working as a producer, production manager, and lighting designer. Chloe is a recent Technical Theatre graduate of the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and is passionate about using her training as a springboard to integrate the technical elements of theatre into storytelling.

Contains very strong language, drug and alcohol abuse, strobe.

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Closed performance & live stream - Fri 23 July, 8pm
Catalyst on Demand Sun 25 July

Live stream & Catalyst on Demand - pay what you can £0-15 £0

Backstage Theatre, Mountview

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