Mike Pearson - Salon Guest Artist

Mike Pearson has been a professional theatre-maker and performer for almost fifty years, working in the UK and internationally, primarily in the fields of physical theatre and devised and site-specific performance, most notably with Cardiff Laboratory Theatre and Brith Gof. He continues to create performance as a solo artist and with senior performers’ group Good News From The Future. Since 2010, he has co-conceived and directed five productions with National Theatre Wales.

He is the author of In Comes I: Performance, Memory and Landscape (2006), Site-specific Performance (2010), Mickery Theater: An Imperfect Archaeology (2011) and Marking Time: Performance, Archaeology and the City (2013).

He is co-author with archaeologist Michael Shanks (Stanford University) of Theatre/Archaeology (2000).

He is an Honorary Professor at Exeter University and a Professor Emeritus of Performance Studies at Aberystwyth University.