‘Black Joy’ by Bethlehem Wolday-Myers

On the anniversary of George Floyd’s murder, we are proud to share this incredible piece of work by members of Mountview’s African-Caribbean Society. ‘Black Joy’ was written by Bethlehem Wolday-Myers, an actress, writer and poet, and is performed by Bethlehem and her fellow African-Caribbean Society members Yazmin, Masego, Jasper, Chenise and Tehillah. It is an honest reflection on the short-lived outrage that is expressed by society towards institutional racism, and aims to push people to remember that unlearning racism is a lifelong commitment, whilst reminding society of Black people’s humanity.

Today Mountview staff and students come together to commemorate George Floyd,  to protest his inhumane and unjust murder, to remember who he was as a person, and to acknowledge that the systems constructed to protect some are the very systems that can destroy others simply because of the colour of their skin. We are proud to join with people all over the world who have stood up or taken the knee to say “enough is enough”, to say “no more”, to say that “Black Lives must Matter” for all lives to matter. Today we will commemorate George Floyd and we will be celebrating his Black identity, a characteristic that is too often feared or punished rather than embraced. 

We acknowledge Mountview’s response requires more than the use of a phrase or a hashtag, the fight to end systemic and endemic racism is ongoing and we must recognise the patterns, and the history and seek long-term and long-lasting change. 

The 25th of May 2021 marks the anniversary of us as allies watching and listening. It is a time to memorialise, an opportunity to reflect and learn, and also a sign of essential change.