'How Dare You' sung by Mountview students

On 23 September Greta Thunberg delivered the defining speech of 2019.  Addressing world leaders at the UN Climate Change conference she spoke of their betrayal of young people through the climate crisis.  A clarion call to action, Greta’s words reverberated across the world.  Last week the Madrid climate conference drew to an unsatisfying close and the climate crisis remains a defining issue for young people.

Today (Wednesday 18 December) Mountview shared a Christmas message that sets Greta’s powerful speech to music.

Singer-Songwriter SuRie composed the choral piece, recording it with Mountview Musical Theatre Foundation students.

SuRie commented “When I watched Greta’s speech I was so inspired and moved I wanted to put the speech to music.  In my mind Greta’s words, truthfulness and pure passion are an anthemic message for today’s generation. A generation who are incredibly aware of the world around and the future ahead of them. Greta really speaks with a clarity that made powerful lyrical sense and I’m grateful to the young voices at Mountview for bringing the composition off the page and to life with such spirit and verve.”

When the students performed the resulting ensemble choral piece for the first time it was clear to everyone that piece deserve a wider audience.

Mountview Artistic Director and Principal Stephen Jameson said: “When I heard Greta’s passionate speech I was awed.  Hearing her forceful and courageous message again, set to SuRie’s stirring arrangement and sung by our students, I was astounded all over again. Every year at Mountview we share a Christmas message with our friends and supporters. The tradition is to wish for peace on earth and goodwill to all. I feel that Greta’s message epitomises the message for our time. This piece is an anthem for change and a Christmas carol for our time.”

SuRie and the choir of Foundation students set to work recording the arrangement. They sent it first to Greta herself who gave her permission to use her words and images and her blessing to this new musical interpretation of her words.

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