Meet our Theatre Production Arts Student: Libbie Read

Meet Libbie Read, our third year FdA/BA (Hons) Theatre Production Arts – Sound student

What attracted you to this industry, and what made you choose Mountview?

I’ve been interested in music from a young age and when I was 16 I decided to take A Level Music Technology. The course focused on studio recordings and producing music. In addition to this we helped at the school concerts and the annual musical. I mixed my first musical in my first year of A Levels and fell in love with it. I decided to choose Mountview over any other university as it is the only course that I’ve found that specialises just in sound in theatre right from first year. As I already knew that I wanted to do only sound this was perfect for me.

What has been your best Mountview experience to date?

It’s difficult to pick a favourite experience as there has been so many great opportunities. I think the best thing is the amount of shows I’ve been a part of since first year, and being able to progress up the levels and roles throughout the years has been a great achievement. Going to do work experience is also great and getting a dep job at Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in the West End from this has been amazing.

Who has been your biggest mentor/s?

Robin Nash has been my tutor since first year and I’ve learnt a lot from him, and more recently Wayne Harris who I’ve worked closely with while being on shows. We get to work with a lot of freelancers during the shows and each person offers new advice and opportunities for us.

What’s the best career advice you’ve received so far?

Be grateful for every opportunity, work hard and show enthusiasm. People will be more likely to want to work with you and offer you more opportunities.

What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learned so far?

Label everything! When there’s a problem and nothing is labelled it’s a lot more difficult to find what the issue is as you don’t know where any of the cables are going.

Who is your personal inspiration in the industry?

I’ve been lucky enough to work with a handful of people in the West End and each person I meet, especially the Sound No.1, is always an inspiration to me. Ollie Young, Olly Steel and Laura Caplin are my inspiration.

What would be your dream project to work on?

To be a part of the sound team on any show in the West End.

What advice would you give to anyone following in your footsteps?

Make sure you keep in contact with the freelancers that you meet, as you never know what opportunities and work they may have for you in the future.

What do you want your job title to be in 10 years’ time?

Sound No.1, West End show.

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