Postgraduate Season 2023 Announced

We are delighted to announce Mountview’s Postgraduate Season of productions, showcasing the talents of our MA Acting and Musical Theatre students, with the support of our Theatre Production Arts students.

Mrs Beeton Says… A Musical

17 – 21 June | The Mack

‘As with the commander of an army, so is the mistress of a house.’

Isabella Beeton was 23 years old when she penned these words in her Book of Household Management. Published in 1861, Beeton’s book contained 2,000 recipes and advice on everything from treating colds to navigating social calls. With a vibrant score that brings an array of Victorian characters to life, Mrs. Beeton Says… explores the reality, myths and gendered histories behind the best-selling cookbook.

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Emma: No One But Herself

5 – 8 July | The Mack

Amidst the swirling society scene of Highbury, Emma – a self-deluded young woman with the leisure and power to interfere in the lives of her neighbours – busies herself with social scheming. This new musical adaptation of Jane Austen’s classic novel offers a fresh take on an enduring story of meddling, matchmaking and the making of meaningful connections.

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Dance Nation

18 – 22 July | The Mack


Somewhere in America, a revolution is coming. An army of competitive dancers is ready to take over the world, one routine at a time. With a pre-teen battle for power and perfection raging on and off stage, Dance Nation is a ferocious exploration of youth, ambition, and self-discovery.

Winner of the Susan Smith Blackburn Prize and The Relentless Award established in honour of Philip Seymour Hoffman.

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Serious Money

25 – 29 July | The Mack

‘The financial world won’t be the same again. Because the traders are coming down the fast lane.’

Caryl Churchill’s ferocious satire on the excesses and venality of the City of London. First staged at the Royal Court in 1987, Serious Money explores the development of a new form of moneymaking, alongside changing cultural ideologies that have come to dominate the world we live in now.

Winner of the Olivier Award for Best Play, Serious Money is one of the great plays about greed, moneymaking and the impact it has on people.

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The Grain Store

1 – 5 August | The Mack

‘In all my life I’ve never seen such a stubborn crowd. Will they ever believe? This is Pravda here. ‘The Truth’!’

Ukraine,1929. As Stalin launches the first of his Five-Year Plans, a close-knit rural community stands unwittingly in the path of his drive to create a thriving socialist Soviet Union. The outcome is catastrophic. Commissioned and premiered by The Royal Shakespeare Company in 2009, this extraordinary play by Ukrainian writer Natal’ia Vorozhbit tackles this often-forgotten story with intelligence and passion.

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