Talking Fitness with Rio Ferdinand

At Mountview we are always keen to stay up to date with the latest technology and thinking in physical and mental health. This helps our staff and students to take positive, informed action (if they wish) to complement their training and professional careers. So when Peckham hero Rio Ferdinand approached us to find out more about DNAFit, we were all ears.

DNAFit have collaborated with Rio to launch their testing kits, which use an individual’s DNA to determine what their genes can tell them about how to optimise their diet and exercise to improve physical performance. For a sports superstar like Rio, this is crucial, but those working under the physical demands of a career on or off stage might also benefit from this tailored knowledge. DNAFit’s thinking is that if everyone is armed with bespoke information tailored to their own genetic make-up, this will lead to a culture that is forward-thinking about health. This may in turn relieve pressure on health services and ensure we don’t wait until we’re already sick to make decisions about taking care of ourselves. Food for thought.

It was a delight to introduce Rio to Mountview. He grew up around the corner from our new building and before turning to football was a keen dancer, so if Mountview had been in SE15 when he was choosing between the two, maybe things might have been a little different…