Catalyst Festival Week Four


Presenting a diverse range of the dynamic work of 2019’s MA Creative Producers.

Bit of Sunshine

Tue 9 Jul, 7.30pm & Sat 13 Jul, 9pm
By Nicole Zweiback | Directed by Katie Coull & Ed Theakston | Produced by Guillaume Doussin

Kira’s eating disorder threatened to shatter everything in her path. In Nicole Zweiback’s poignant coming-of-age story, a young woman tries to comprehend her life in a messy world obsessed with perfection.

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One Man, One Plant

Wed 10 Jul, 7pm & Sat 13 Jul, 7.30pm
By Matt Lloyd | Produced by Mat Page

Follow the comical encounters of two unlikely friends. Be prepared to laugh, cry and laugh some more as you witness one man and his plant sparking friendly relationships with anyone… including the audience.

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Eliza Von Poppins Presents… A Practically Perfect Guide to Living

Wed 10 Jul, 8.30pm & Sat 13 Jul, 5.30pm
By Rosie Williamson | Directed by Courtney Larkin | Produced by Leigh Spence

Eliza von Poppins’ musical lifecoaching programme invites you to visualise your dreams, practise gratitude and adopt the mantras of Julie Andrews. But singing ‘I Have Confidence’ only gets you so far…

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Thu 11 Jul, 7pm & Sat 13 Jul, 4pm
By Amy Le Rossignol | Directed by Charlotte Everest | Produced by Rebecca Lyle

Anxiety = (likelihood x awfulness) ÷ (coping + rescue). Factor in OCD, a spontaneous house party and three boxes of chardonnay. Try and survive.

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Surprise Party

Thu 11 Jul, 8.30pm & Sat 13 Jul, 11am
Devised by Chloe Mashiter, Corey Reynolds and David Alwyn

You’re invited to a party. A surprise party, so try to keep it secret. There’ll be food, games and presents. She might not always have been one for parties, but it’s about time we threw her one. Please RSVP.

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Fri 12 Jul, 7pm & Sat 13 Jul, 2.30pm
By Louis Rembges | Directed by Emily Aboud | Produced by Grace Dickson

Matt’s coming out went fine. It’s just that all the cupboard doors are open and there’s something wrong with his mum in the kitchen and it sounds like the Starbucks down the road is being held at gunpoint. He’d answer his ever-ringing phone but he’s already talking to someone, thank you very much.

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Fri 12 Jul, 8.30pm & Sat 13, 12.30pm
By Ashleigh Laurence | Directed by Chris Yarnell | Produced by Lydia Harrison

Jay is 27. For one more day. And she reckons she’s about to die. It’s not all that rational, but whoever let that get in the way of a premature death fantasy?

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The Home Project Workshop

Sat 13 Jul, 1.30pm

Are you based in Peckham? Do you have a story to tell?

We’re looking for storytellers to be part of this initial phase of Mountview’s Home Project, an installation that will form part of a programme of work to galvanise the local community.

Joining Peckham resident, artist and Mountview Executive Director Sarah Preece to explore different approaches to telling your stories and sharing your experiences of what Peckham means to you. Stories can be biographical, and include artefacts, music, photographs, or any other historical materials.

All ages are welcome and no prior experience is required. Just come along with a story to tell and a passion for Peckham.

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Theatre-Making and the Solo Venue Workshop

Sat 13 Jul, 6.30pm

Want to find out more about making a solo show? If you’re a performer, director, producer, designer or just a keen theatre-goer, come to our talk on Saturday 13 July to meet professional theatre-makers and expand your toolkit. Share your knowledge, experiences and enthusiasm with like-minded individuals supported by guest speakers working in the solo theatre field.

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