Catalyst in the Cloud

4-7 JUNE 2020

Catalyst in the Cloud is a dynamic online festival of theatre and performance celebrating the work of Mountview´s 2020 MA Creative Producers.

Fourteen original online productions explore a wide variety of themes and are presented in a range of digital formats.

Students have been adapting their Summer Showcase (part of the annual Catalyst festival), to virtual mediums, with the aim to build connections with audiences and find new ways of telling stories in these uncertain times.

All shows are approximately 15 minutes long. Book your free 4-day festival pass below. When you have booked you will receive a confirmation email with a link to the festival pack which also contains the viewing link.

The festival launches on Thursday 4 June with a panel discussion featuring representatives from Mountview, Theatre Peckham, Blue Elephant Theatre and the Park Theatre looking at how we can tell stories and connect with audiences in these uncertain times.

Email with your questions for the panel by 5pm on Wednesday 27 May.

Festival Diary

Thu 4 Jun Introduction
Launch and Festival Talk
In Hiding
Escape Claus
Mira & Her Maker
And Eve? (Or, Voices for Quarantined Women)
Sat 6 Jun Posters
Angel of the North
Museum of Memories – A Research for Candle Monster
Making of – Pet Peeves and Other Drugs
Fri 5 Jun Radio Imagination
Block’d Off
Can I Call You Back?
Original Material
Sun 7 Jun All available for 24 hours
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Festival Talk

Festival Talk

To kick off the festival, join us in a talk with representatives from Mountview, Theatre Peckham, Blue Elephant Theatre and The Park Theatre about how we can tell stories and connect with audiences in these uncertain times.

Got a question for our panel?
Email by Wed 27 May, 5pm

And Eve? (or, Voices For Quarantined Women)

Written & Produced by
Flick Chilton

In a world where society, culture, religion and the media seem to have an opinion regarding the female body, this piece brings together true testimonies of female-identifying people, performed by actors through recorded delivery, to discuss the effects of lockdown on female health and recovery.

Contains strong language, adult themes, references to sexual, physical and emotional trauma and abuse, references to illness and medication, references to misogyny.

Flick is a musician, producer and actor, trained at the Guildhall School and Mountview. She has performed and produced professionally at West End, fringe and regional venues, alongside three national tours. Flick loves creating new, socially and politically challenging theatre (with strong female and regional voices), told in unorthodox, accessible spaces.

Angel of the North

Written by Martha Pothen
Produced by Catriona Cayley

"That's why she called me Angel. She said, that way someone would always be singing about me." Written and performed by Martha Pothen, in Angel of the North stand-up comedy collides with the moving story of a young woman from Leeds, who just wants to make people laugh.

Contains strong language, adult themes, sexual references.

During her MA Cat has produced SOLO2020, a solo show scratch night at Katzpace, been production assistant on Sinners at The Playground Theatre and production manager for short film Peckham Stories. She began producing new writing, female stories and comedy during her undergraduate as production liaison for Durham Drama Festival.

Block’d Off

Written by
Kieton Saunders-Browne
Directed by Júlia Levai
Produced by Jake Curran-Pipe

In this radio play, we peek into a relationship between two people who have lived very different lives, and explore whether the class divide is something that can be overcome. All in a council flat bedroom, reluctantly watching Glee.

Contains references to sex, drug use and racism. Strong language.

Jake began his producing career at the University of Glasgow where he was on the committee for the musical theatre group, involving himself in the productions of Urinetown and Back to the 80s. He came to London to develop his understanding and knowledge in producing theatre.

Can I Call You Back?

Written & Produced by Emily Rennie

It’s August 2016, one of the hottest summers on record, and Steph hasn’t left her room in two weeks. Her medication has stopped working (again) and will Skype ever stop ringing? This pertinent piece explores visible auto-immune disorders, female body image, and loneliness.

Contains strong language and description of needles.

Emily is a writer and producer who graduated from the University of Kent in 2019 with a BA in English Lit and Drama. Her main passions are new writing, musical theatre and exploring topics that may not usually be given a platform.


Written by Charles Douglas
Directed by Olivia Stone
Produced by Josh Foyster

Watch a customer service attendant battle abusive customers, a broken marriage and a person on the tracks. This is just another afternoon at Peterborough Train Station.
This is an excerpt from Delayed, exploring wide-ranging themes from how society responds to tragedy to the customer service industry in the modern age.

Contains strong language.

Josh trained as an actor and theatre maker and East 15 Acting School where he produced for the first time, Debut Festival 2017. He then went on to produce FUSE (Shoebox Theatre), Springboard (Bernie Grant). Other works include A Pupil (Park Theatre), Donal The Numb (Vault Festival).

Escape Claus

Written & Directed by
Dan Phillips
Produced by Daniel Cartlidge

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and jolly old Saint Nick is off spreading love and goodwill to all men. But what about the one he leaves behind, year after year, pining by the tree, with nothing but merlot and mistletoe to keep her company.

Daniel is a producer and director with a flair for musical-theatre and exploring underrepresented identities on stage. He graduated from the University of Leeds with BA (Hons) History in 2019. Daniel’s credits include: Into the Woods (Riley Smith Theatre), Urinetown (Riley Smith Theatre), Bonnie and Clyde (Pyramid Theatre) and Liz (Edinburgh Fringe Festival).

Illustration by Natie Davies

In Hiding

Written by Becca Chadder
Produced by Jennifer Jones

A laptop, a girl and a wardrobe. She is wondering if she has taken this game of hide and seek a bit far. But she’s up for a chat to pass the time, if you want.

Jennifer started out producing shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival from 2017 to 2019. She has worked with Improbable and the Vault Festival. London producer and assisting credits include Tumours at Soho Theatre, charity comedy night It’s Getting Hot in Here and scratch night SOLO2020.

Making of – Pet Peeves and Other Drugs

Written by Katie Sayer
Directed & Produced by
Lote Pupola

This is the story of how producer Lote Pupola and writer Katie Sayer discovered Tia, a character too bold to ignore. This mockumentary follows their efforts to write her story, while dealing with her antics in lockdown.

Contains strong language, adult themes, alcohol, references to sexual trauma.

Lote Pupola is an international producer. She received her BA in American Theatre Arts from Rose Bruford College where she produced Two Tarts in a Boat. Since then she assisted in the production of Black Swan (New Riga Theatre), and Future Cargo (The Place). Her passion is comedy that tackles difficult topics.

Mira & Her Maker

Written & Directed by Phoebe Wood
Produced by Kate Maguire

'I have the capacity to be very cruel’

Based on the play My First Time was in a Car Park, Mira & Her Maker is a cinematic exploration of isolation. Blurring the lines between writer and character, fiction and reality, the film is a documentation of creativity in uncertain times.

Contains strong language, adult themes, sexual references, references to sexual abuse.

Kate began producing in 2017 during her undergraduate English and History degree at The University of Nottingham. She has since produced at the 2018 Edinburgh Festival Fringe and assisted on Sinners at The Playground Theatre in London. Kate was also Lead Producer on short film Peckham Stories.

Museum of Memories – A Research for Candle Monster

Created by Allouaqui Dance Theatre Company
Produced by Gabriela Garay

You are invited to take part in our work-in-progress which explores how memories can be used to create performance material. Your personal responses to the sound and visual elements will shape our creative process and the live elements of our piece. Join our Museum of Memories.

Gabriela Garay is an international producer with a passion for theatre and dance. She is currently finalizing her MA in Creative Producing where she has produced a short film called Peckham Stories, assisted on Be More Bee in Vault Festival and supported Cervantes Theatre productions.

Original Material

Written by Madaline Gould
Produced by Lawryn LaCroix

Based on a baffling true story and set in the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, this play examines the nature of storytelling and the hierarchy of survival through one highly controversial character. It will leave you questioning which stories belong to who and whether a good deed can exceed a bad one.

Lawryn LaCroix is currently completing her M.A. in Creative Producing at Mountview. Her background is in producing international works. Touring shows from New York City to Edinburgh to London. In 2018 Lawryn started her interdisciplinary production company, Pinkhouse Productions, dedicated to original and inspiring female and ethnic work in theatre and film.


Written by Tanya Loretta Dee
Directed by Xanthus
Produced by Belinda Clarke
Performed by Macadie Amoroso

Posters is a punchy, poetic coming-of-age short play offering an insight into the world of a young black womxn in her last year of school. School life is rough, home life is tough, there is nowhere to escape, until the music plays.

Contains strong language and sexual references.

Belinda is a trained theatre maker, specialising in directing and producing. Producing credits include Heartbeat (Bath Fringe), Memories We Lost in the Fire (Dublin Gay Theatre Festival), Network and Chill (Katzpace Theatre) and Dear Black People (The Pleasance Theatre). Assist producing credits include Splintered and Bible John (Vault Festival).

Radio Imagination

Based on the novel by
Seiko Ito
Music by Rio Harada-Parr
Translated by Yuka
Directed by Kelsey Yuhara
Produced by Masaaki Sagara

Radio Imagination is broadcasting live from a tree top in a coastal town in Japan recently hit by a catastrophic earthquake and tsunami. Our host, DJ Ark, reflects on his life, while messages arrive from other souls. Only together they can answer: what is Radio Imagination?

Masaaki Sagara
Masaaki is a Japanese producer based in London. He worked for Shiki Theatre Company, a leading theatre company in Japan, as Actor/General Manager for nine years. He has been involved with many productions such as The Lion King, Mamma Mia!, and The Phantom of the Opera.


Written & Produced by Iarina Armășelu
Directed by Anastasia Bunce

Your family, your job, your favourite shop, why you can't sleep at night; the history of you, in a file. After the revolution that toppled communism in Romania, Diana realizes that it's easy to make people disappear. Now, all that's left of her mother is an old secret police file.
Contains strong language, alcohol/tobacco usage, explicit descriptions of violence.

Iarina Armășelu is a Romanian producer with a passion for political theatre. Trained in both Psychology (BSc) and Production (MA), Iarina has worked with the Romanian Cultural Institute, with previous credits numbering Lord of the Flies, A Clockwork Orange (Northcott Exeter), Macbeth (Poltimore festival), The Shape of Things (Exeter University).

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