Zhane's Dreamland Deluxe

17 May

By Esme Allman | Directed by Stuart Parkins

Zhane's Dreamland Deluxe

17 May

As Zhane struggles to come to terms with the breakdown of her closest friendship, she experiences a nightmarish dream, where her deepest feelings are exposed.

Writer Esme Allman
Director Stuart Parkins
Executive Producer Stuart Parkins & Pam Fraser Solomon
Cinematographer Stephen Glass
Sound Recordist Franco Volpi
Sound Assistant Alex Adshead
Stuart Parkins
Mixing and Grade Pocket Motion Pictures
Series Producer
Toyin Omari-Kinch
Production Supervisor Aled Rosser
Supervising Producer Jamie Holland
Line Producer Kristie Winsen
1st Assistant Director Fiona Winning
Production Runner Owen Spencer
Model-making and Puppetry Betty Read
Dolls Costumes Verity Cleary


Matilda Bell Sophia
Theo Birakos
 Assistant 1
Lucy Edington-Brown
Annie Lewis
Kira Moore
Hrafnhildur Orradóttir Assistant 2
Finley Simpson Nate

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Friday 17 May, 12pm – private screening



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