10 - 11 Jul

By Becca Chadder | Produced by Sophie Kilgannon | Directed by Becca Chadder


10 - 11 Jul

17th Century France. Catherine Montvoisin makes her money telling fortunes; soothing souls and poisoning people’s husbands. But when her greatest rival gets arrested, it’s not long before her whole world comes crashing down.

Sophie Kilgannon is an emerging producer focused on feminist and women led productions. She is excited by work that tackles feminist issues and works in a range of medium from immersive to physical theatre. Coming from a English Literature degree Sophie looks to combine her two passions Shakespeare and feminist theatre.

Becca is a writer / director with a politics degree and is interested in radical adaptations of problematic text. Past work includes farcical comedy Number, Please. (Edinburgh Fringe, tour) and Shakespeare adaptation Her Romeo (Edinburgh) with Paprichoo. Becca is currently developing projects investigating representations of Ethiopia and mixed-heritage experiences.

Contains references to murder, death, abortion, suicide, violence, domestic abuse, mental illness, incest. Contains direct reference to torture, suicide, sacrifice of human life, execution. Contains depiction of torture, substance abuse (alcohol), sacrifice of human life, blood. Contains loud unexpected noises and strong language.

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Closed performance - Sat 10 Jul, 2.30pm
Closed performance & live stream - Sat 10 Jul, 7.15pm

Catalyst on Demand - Sun 11 Jul

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Backstage Theatre, Mountview

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