Small Hours

31 Jul - 1 Aug

By Lucy Kirkwood and Ed Hime With Katie Mitchell | Produced by Jing Bi | Directed by Shannon Williams

Small Hours

31 Jul - 1 Aug

It’s 3 o’clock in the morning, a young mom spends the night in a flat while her baby sleeps fitfully in the next room. Her husband is away and she cannot sleep. Small Hours is an intimate dissection of the claustrophobic world of a new mother struggling to cope on her own.

Small Hours is written by Lucy Kirkwood and Ed Hime with Katie Mitchell, with amateur production arrangements with Nick Herns Books

Jing is an emerging producer with a passion in interactive and immersive theatre who graduated from BSc Accounting and Finance at London School of Economics. Previous experience includes events producing, internship at New Earth Theatre and talent associate at Off Backstage. Jing is the budget and contract officer for Catalyst Festival, Catalyst on Demand co-ordinator and proud member of the Casting and Technical team.

Contains post-natal/post-partum depression, loud music/sound and implication of murder.

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Closed performance & live stream - Sat 31 Jul, 12pm
Catalyst on Demand - Sun 1 Jul

Live stream & Catalyst on Demand - pay what you can £0-15 £0

Backstage Theatre, Mountvie

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