TUC Members Attend Mountview’s Made in Dagenham

On Thursday 10 May Mountview’s production of Made in Dagenham was visited by some very special guests from the Trade Union Congress.  Current General Secretary Frances O’Grady, the first woman to hold the position, and predecessors Sir Brendan Barber and Lord John Monks watched the show at Bernie Grant Arts Centre and met with the cast afterwards.

The musical centres around the 1968 Ford machinists strike, which saw female workers at the Ford plant in Dagenham go on strike over equal pay. The final scene takes place at the TUC conference where protagonist Rita O’Grady makes an impassioned speech in favour of pay equality.

Speaking to the cast, Ms O’Grady underlined the fact the fight for equal pay is not yet over and underlined the importance of the unions within it.

Thank you to Frances, Sir Brendan and Lord Monks for taking the time to speak to our students.