Catalyst Festival Week Five


Presenting a diverse range of the dynamic work of 2019’s MA Theatre Producers.

Something is always going to happen

Tue 16 & Sat 20 Jul, 7.30pm
Devised by Celine Kutevu | Directed & Produced by Cory Duffill

From the depths of the black room appears something. It moves slowly like a hunter. When the silhouette shifts, the figure is revealed.

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Not All Men

Wed 17 Jul, 7pm & Sat 20 Jul, 5.30pm
Devised, Performed & Produced by Alex Deacon

Direct from the Edinburgh Fringe, Not All Men is an eclectic show blurring the lines of spoken word and stand-up. Alex takes us through his memories of growing up a little differently…

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Wed 17 Jul, 8.30pm & Sat 20 Jul, 9pm
Directed by Rosie Thomas | Written, Performed & Produced by Paige Evans

P has decided to never leave her room again and has created a world of her own. It’s like when you make your own sandwich: sometimes you want to eat the same thing every day. Until that thing begins to eat you.

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A Game Not Lost

Thu 18 Jul, 7pm & Sat 20 Jul, 2.30pm
Written & Directed by Dorothy Kay | Produced by Amber Ryder

Sit down for a game of mahjong with one of the most feared and powerful women of all time, Ching Shih. With each wrong move, Ching recounts a small part of her controversial history.

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The Cloak of Visibility

Thu 18 Jul, 8.30pm & Sat 20 Jul, 12.30pm
By Louise Breckon-Richards | Directed by Natasha Markou | Produced by Marie-Elena Nash

‘Be as many things as you can: be a perfect working mother, be a ravenous lover, be invisible.’ When Amy loses her job, she hides it from her family, spending each day wandering the streets of London trying to find meaning.

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Fri 19 Jul, 7pm & Sat 20 Jul, 11am
By Steve Waters | Directed by Danaja Wass & Associates | Produced by Dahna Borojevic

48/52 is a comic, poignant account of the personal impact of Brexit on a Remainer marooned in Middle England. Soon, he finds himself starting to hate his neighbours…

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Better Than Sex: The Story of Mae West

Fri 19 Jul, 8.30pm & Sat 20 Jul, 4pm
Written & Directed by Emily Hutt | Produced by Lacey Ruttley

A tantalising, timeless cabaret reflecting on the infamous 1930’s sex symbol Mae West. Enjoy the rise and demise of her scandalous career, including live performances of the songs that made her famous.

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The Home Project Workshop

Sat 20 Jul, 1.30pm

Are you based in Peckham? Do you have a story to tell?

We’re looking for storytellers to be part of this initial phase of Mountview’s Home Project, an installation that will form part of a programme of work to galvanise the local community.

Joining Peckham resident, artist and Mountview Executive Director Sarah Preece to explore different approaches to telling your stories and sharing your experiences of what Peckham means to you. Stories can be biographical, and include artefacts, music, photographs, or any other historical materials.

All ages are welcome and no prior experience is required. Just come along with a story to tell and a passion for Peckham.

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Venue for the Solo: Venues and Programming Workshop

Sat 20 Jul, 6.30pm

Our second Super Saturday features Venue for the Solo, where venues and theatre-makers can meet, discuss and move towards programming quality solo work. Whether you run a venue or are in search of a space for your own solo show, come along on Saturday 20 July to find out more. Hosted by established performance venues around London.

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