View Festival 2024

Tuesday 25 – Saturday 29 June

Welcome to VIEW 2024.

The Mountview MA Creative Producers’ Showcase of 2024 brings you nine brand-new one-act plays from an incredible national and international lineup of talent. VIEW Festival is a week of contemporary performances, talks, and events, live from our Peckham home, and online.

Portrait Unknown

Written by
Thomas Currie & Tommy James Green 

Directed by
Kevin Russell 

Produced by
Kristie Winsen 

Starry-eyed gallery attendant Georgie dreams of being an artist, but the cloakroom is as close as she gets. That is until she is blackmailed into stealing the painting of a mysterious woman. As Georgie plays cat-burglar, she is captivated by the long-forgotten portrait. Can Georgie find the courage to reclaim her own life’s canvas or will she forever remain unknown?

A light-hearted, fun and heart-warming new musical.

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Shadows of the Heart

Written by
Jordan-Alicia Todd 

Directed by
Nicollette Amico 

Produced by
Juliet Johnson 

Shadows of the Heart is a haunting performance based on Bram Stoker's Dracula. It delves into Joanna's twisted and fragmented memories of her visit to Castle Dracula, as she grapples with conflicting urges to return to the monster while her mind screams otherwise. The performance holds a light to the complex and seductive relationship between the woman and the monster.

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Mind the Gap

Directed by
Sophia Holmes 

Written and produced by
Charis Winter 

Set on finding true purpose but stuck in the shadow of an impressive older sister, join one woman on her tube journey across London as she reflects on her assumptions about success and the reality she sees around her. All aboard as we delve into her honest and humorous reflections on life, indecision, and the joys of being a woman.

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Târgoviște Strays  

Written and produced by
Emma Novak 

Directed by
Hector Smith 

"You made me fall in love with words, but now words are all I can control.”

In the Era of Light, Romania lived in the dark. Unravel a true story of resilience through Boy’s letters to his mother, shedding light on the reality of oppression, censorship and military re-education in Communist Romania through the blend of movement, poetry and sound.

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Produced by
Bahar Mohammadi 

Directed by
Marguerite Vermersch 

Dramaturgy by
Maziar Mohammadinejad 

Yuri owns the only cow in his village, it is his most valuable possession. When the cow mysteriously vanishes it puts his whole life into question, shattering his reality. A tale of loss and identity, based on the 1969 film The Cow.

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Hysterical Woman

Written by
Ailsa Husband 

Directed by
Lilly Butcher 

Produced by
Lola Hibberd 

What has Britney Spears got in common with Helen of Troy? Why is a Hysterectomy called a Hysterectomy? How many auditions does it take before a person truly breaks?

Your very own Hysterical Woman is here to take you through.

“It’s like standup meets an auditory hallucination” - The Producer

“I’d cast her” - Also the Producer

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Written by
Jon Barton 

Directed by
Fiona Winning 

Produced by
Jamie Holland 

Drew’s life changed when their dad gave them a Leica M6 Rangefinder. From that moment on, they lived through the lens. While on photography assignment, an unspeakable incident happens and they do the only thing they know: Click. This play explores the toxicity of paparazzi culture and challenging morals in this exciting, new piece of writing.

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Written and directed by
Christina Gutierrez 

Produced by
María Guevara 

2% is a collection of comedic stories and thoughts about home, culture, and belonging. For the past ten years, Christina Gutierrez has been calling both Chicago and London home.

With charm and obscure cultural references, this piece celebrates what it means to be proudly 98% Mexican American and 2% British.

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Directed and Performed by
Aria Cundall 

Produced by
Tom Brown 

There are multitudes in all of us. Monolith is a collection of stories from LGBTQIA+ writers and creatives bought together in a showcase of queer perspectives. Covering themes of family, mourning, love, gay culture, home, transition and more. The stories we tell are intrinsic to who we are. We are not just a monolith; we are founded in our individuality.

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VIEW Events 2024

A packed programme of networking events, artistic performances, exhibits and panel discussions. Get involved in VIEW Events.

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VIEW Saturday 2024

A full day of festival entertainment featuring fringe theatre, pop-up performances, live music and more. Join us for a day of festival vibes.

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VIEW Online 2024

VIEW Online extends the VIEW Festival around the globe with exclusive online content. Listen to our podcast, watch our music video, and check back with us post-festival for more exciting performances.

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Meet the Team

Festival Programme

Tue 25 Jun 6:15pm – Portrait Unknown
7:45pm – Shadows of the Heart
Wed 26 Jun 5.30pm – Târgoviște Strays
6:15pm – Mind the Gap
Thu 27 Jun 6:15pm – Cow
7:45pm – Hysterical Woman
Fri 28 Jun 6:15pm – 2%
7:45pm – Cameraman
9:15pm – Monolith
Sat 29 Jun 10:30am – Monolith
11:45am – 2%
1:00pm – Cameraman
2:15pm – Cow
3:30pm – Mind the Gap

4:15pm – BREAK

5:30pm – Târgoviște Strays
6:45pm – Hysterical Woman
8:00pm – Shadows of the Heart
9:15pm – Portrait Unknown

VIEW Festival 2024 Programme
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