Spring Season 2023 Announced

This Spring we are thrilled to announce four productions, showcasing the work and talents of our third year BA (Hons) Performance ActingActor Musicianship and Musical Theatre students with the support of our Theatre Production Arts students.


Vinegar Tom

25 – 27 Jan
Actor Musicianship 

Mountview’s Actor Musicians present this mischievous examination of gender and power within the frame of the 17th-century witchcraft trials in England. Inspired by the Women’s Rights Act of 1970, the astonishing inequality of that time and questioning if anything has really changed.

More information here.


The Addams Family

4 – 9 Feb
Musical Theatre 

The quirky family first created by Charles Addams as cartoon characters became famous as a popular television show in the early 1970’s and then as a Hollywood movie in 1991. Here, they are brought back to life on stage in this irreverent sit-com turned musical.

More information here.



24 Feb – 2 Mar
Musical Theatre 

In allyship with LGBTQ youth, this new version of Bare: A Pop Opera unpicks of the complexity of an institutionalised social landscape and the ways teenagers attempt to navigate it and cope with the pressure to conform and mask their differences.

More information here.


Blue Stockings

23 – 29 Mar

Set in 1896 at a Cambridge college, the title refers to the derogatory term for female intellectuals and the campaign for women to be given a formal degree qualification alongside their male colleagues. Touching the feminist ideals of the late nineteenth-century with parallels of today.

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